So you've got your smudge stick or Palo Santo, but not sure how to begin? Here's our guide on how to use your stick.

  1. Hold your smudge stick at an angle pointing down.

  2. Use a match or candle to light the smudge stick. Ensure the entire top is lit before blowing it out (about 30-60 seconds).

  3. Set your intention, then move about your space to purify the energy. You may need to relight the stick depending on how long you would like to smudge for.

  4. Once your smudging is finished, allow to burn out naturally or dab the top of the stick into a heatproof bowl until the smoke ends.

Smudge over a heatproof bowl and never leave a lit stick unattended. 

The Smudge Co. sticks can be reused, making them the perfect addition to your self-care practice. Just trim the top of your stick before each use to ensure a clean burn.


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